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About Keytec

The first patented touch dimming colour-grading controller in 2008 was awarded DESIGN PLUS Prize at the 2008 LIGHT+BUILDING, Frankfurt Lighting Exhibition.

With the needs of intelligent society, KEYTEC combined with its own technical characteristics, the power supply and control of 2IN1 integration, forming a series of signal-full dimming power supplies: DALI, 0/1-10V, RF, TRIAC.

Almost the totality of products meet the latest European Union ERP standards and strobe requirements.

n reference to DALI, it is deeply involved with the design of a small-volume round housing to form KEYTEC unique characteristics.  The round housing provides better installation with its use on the more widely used lamps. As a DiiA member, all DALI products meet DALI 2, DT6 and DT8 protocols.






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