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  • 3-36V 630mA 25W
  • Mini 36V 630mA 0-10V ERP0.5W PF0.95 Flicker free
  • Constant Current
  • 0/1-10V/PWM 3in1 LED Driver

Dimming Signal:0/1-10V/PWM





U-Power:Max 25W

Shell Material:PC

Product Weight:70g

Protection level:IP20


Product Description

E3  0-10V 100X32X20 10-25W系列_00.jpg



1. How about the delivery time of products?

A: sample 3-7 days, bulk orders for more than 5-25 days.


2. After sales service?  

A: Provide three ~five years of quality warranty.


3. Reply to the buyer's inquiries and provide timely quotation? How long?

A: Within 24 hours


4.Payment methods?

A: payment to delivery (30% deposit) or  T/T


5.Whether to provide OEM/ODM services? OEM/ODM orders / projects to complete the required time?

A: You can provide.


6.What are the certifications?

 A: CE,  ROHS,  ERPSAA and other certification.


7.Technical characteristics

A: All control software 100% of their own programming, DALI software through IEC62386 standards, DALI test instruments to ensure that each batch of products meet the standards


8. Minimum order quantity

A: 1 PCS


9. Shipment of packaging

A: Carton packing or card packing

Product Category

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