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  • DC15-30V 600mA 20W ERP0.5W Flicker free
  • Round PF0.9 leding&trailing edge triac dimmer Smooth, no jitter
  • Constant Current
  • TRIAC Dimmable Driver

Dimming Signal:TRIAC


U-in:AC 220-240V



U-Power:Max 20W

Shell Material:PC

Product Weight:100g

Protection level:IP20


Product Description

TRIAC  E4   KMD-XX-TRAIC-E4  ..._00.jpg



1. How about the delivery time of products?

A: sample 3-7 days, bulk orders for more than 5-25 days.


2. After sales service?  

A: Provide three ~five years of quality warranty.


3. Reply to the buyer's inquiries and provide timely quotation? How long?

A: Within 24 hours


4.Payment methods? 

A: payment to delivery (30% deposit) or  T/T


5.Whether to provide OEM/ODM services? OEM/ODM orders / projects to complete the required time?

A: You can provide.

6. MOQ Minimum order quantity

A: Just change the LOGO,the minimum OEM order quantity is 100PCS,

   New products, according to technical requirements, charging development fees, minimum order quantity according to the actual situation


7.What are the certifications?

 A: CE,  ROHS,  ERP、 SAA and other certification.


8.Technical characteristics

A: All control software 100% of their own programming, DALI software through IEC62386 standards, DALI test instruments to ensure that each batch of products meet the standards

    With software and hardware engineers, it is easier to implement OEM products


9. Minimum order quantity



10. Shipment of packaging

A: Carton packing or card packing 

11. Mode of transportation   

A.  According to customer demand

Product Category

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